June 5 West Buttress team reaches High Camp (17,200′) in clear weather!

Mountain Trip guide Fischer Hazen called in from High Camp on the West Buttress Route, at 17,200′! Taking advantage of the clear weather, the team climbed up the steep headwall and fixed lines out of 14-Camp, ascending a strenuous 3,000′ of vertical to reach High Camp.

They set up camp last night for a good night’s rest and a good meal to recover, and if the good weather holds, they will likely make their summit push within the next couple of days!

Here is an aerial photo of the route the team will follow up to the summit at 20,310′ from High Camp. While it may not seem like much from the photo, summit day takes teams anywhere from 8 to 12 hours of climbing.

Denali upper mountain route map

Best of luck to the team, and hopefully the weather cooperates. Spirits are high and everyone is well, albeit a little tired after a big day of climbing. Unfortunately, no matter how tenacious the climbers are, the mountain and the weather ultimately decide if they can reach the summit. We will update you all at home on their progress.

Here’s Fischer!

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  1. Finally!!!!! So so happy the weather broke & y’all got to make the big push 🙌🏼 Keep up those high spirits 😊

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