June 5 West Buttress Trip enjoying the views at 14,200′

Climber Rob Leskun called in from chilly 14,200′ (Camp 3), waiting on the weather to break up higher on the mountain. The team has now spent three days in camp waiting on their window to move up the steep fixed lines of the Headwall, above 14-Camp.

While the weather up higher on the route has been quite nasty, weather at 14,200′, while cold, has been clear. The move up to High Camp at 17,200′ on the route is very committing, and teams do their best to avoid being stuck up high in bad weather.


A Mountain Trip climber surveys the view from the “Edge of the World,” 14,200′, Denali West Buttress. 2017.


Although the temperatures have dipped below zero and high winds have prevented the team from moving higher on the route, they are still enjoying themselves in beautiful Genet Basin, hiking around their camp and taking in the expansive vistas of the Alaska Range.

Here’s a Happy Father’s Day shout out and the update from Rob:

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