June 2 and May 29 West Buttress teams descending the route

Due to poor visibility, high winds, and general nasty conditions up high, both the Mountain Trip May 29 and June 2 teams have decided to descend the route back down to Denali Base Camp at 7,200′ from High Camp at 17,200′.

No matter how optimistic, tenacious and strong-willed a group of climbers may be, it is ultimately the weather and the mountain’s decision whether or not they will make a summit. At the end of the day, the most important part of any Mountain Trip expedition is that everyone comes back home.

Both teams will fly out with Talkeetna Air Taxi once the weather permits. Congratulations to both teams for spending nearly three weeks in some of the most extreme conditions in the world, pushing on despite set backs, enduring through storms and disappointment. Making it up to High Camp is no small feat.

Perhaps those of you back home can help us out and let us know in the comments which climber this is speaking here. Unfortunately, the first part of the dispatch comes in muffled and quiet, and we can’t quite tell:

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  1. I think that is Martin from the June 2nd group speaking.

    Awesome effort to everyone. Can’t wait to see you Jon!

  2. Good decisions at this point in the hard hard journey were well chosen. You are all amazing climbers and mountaineer experts
    ..so proud of your efforts and thank you for allowing us in on your expedition. This was a wonderful way to keep in touch- So appreciated. The Cain’s

  3. My deepest respect to everyone up there. Making it up to high camp is a big achievement. And the weather is the weater, you cant force it. Still I do feel the hardness of starting the descent, but the only thing that matters now ist all of you coming down safely and keep the memory of a great adventure. The summit will be there for longer.

    Lieber Martin, höchsten Respekt von Deiner Leistung. Man kann alles verändern, nur nicht das Wetter. Die heurige Gipfelrate (aktuell bei ca. 28 %) spricht Bände über die Verhältnisse dieses Jahr. Ich habe hier täglich Via Blog mitgefiebert und Deine Audionachricht gehört, während meine Zwillinge, (die am Tag Eurers Aufbruchs, am 2.6. zur Welt kamen), schliefen. Ich kann mir ungefähr vorstellen, wie Du Dich fühlst, aber auch wenn es wie eine Binsenweisheit klingt: Alles was zählt, ist dass Du gesund nach Hause kommst! Der Berg steht noch länger! Genieß ein Bier in Talkeetna, ich freue mich auf Deine Schilderungen zurück in Österreich. LG Michael Ladstätter

  4. Tough decision, but surely the best for everyone. Fantastic efforts, and glad that everyone is safe and sound. Jon, see you soon in Elbrus! 😊⛰

  5. Martin!
    So glad to hear your voice!!!
    All the best for your way down. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing you soon. My thoughts are always with you.
    Love Ulli

  6. Well done everyone, the mountain may have beaten you this time but you’ll be back! So proud of you Jon! Fi xx

  7. Muchisimos cariños para Pachi y todos los integrantes del equipo, felicitaciones a todos por el objetivo y el esfuerzo.

    Que tengan muy buen regreso, les mando muchas bendiciones.

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