June 2 West Buttress team waiting for weather window at High Camp

Most of the updates we’ve received today from the mountain have come in a bit scratchy and unclear, or cut out entirely. We’re unable to tell exactly which climber is calling in this update. If you have an idea, please let us know in the comments! To the best of our knowledge, she is calling in on behalf of the June 2 Denali West Buttress team, who have been in High Camp for two days patiently waiting for a weather window, ready to head for the summit.

Here’s the update:

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  1. That’s pachi!! That’s my beautiful mom! She says they’ll attempt the summit tomorrow and that it’s cold but the view is beautiful and they are all happy and healthy. She also says someone says hi to lucy and that he is thinking of her. All the best to our climbers!

  2. Here is hoping for a successful and safe summit. Good luck to you all and a special hug to my husband Mark. We look forward to your safe return. xx

  3. If the view is good the weather must be better. Hope it is good enough to get to the top. All the best to everyone.
    Nev and Des

  4. Hey Matty! I hope you are not too cold! You are so close to the top – I hope the weather clears and you make it to the top of America! Lv Candy

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