May 29 West Buttress Team — Happy Birthday Gerard!

Climber Ross Jobson called in with a quick second update on the May 29 team, who were on the descent from High Camp at 17,200′ to Base Camp. During the call, the team had reached 11,200′-Camp just after midnight, after walking through the night. And as Ross mentions– Today is Gerard Crum’s birthday!

Happy birthday Gerard, from us at Mountain Trip!

It seems as if the team is having fun and enjoying the last of their time on the mountain.

Here’s Ross:

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  1. Happy birthday Gerard! One you won’t likely forget. So glad everyone is safe and healthy. Look forward to hearing Carly’s story. All the best to the team. And thank you Eli for leading them safely home.

  2. I’m so sorry you weren’t able to summit but so relieved you are all safe and sound. Happy birthday Gerard!!!! Missed celebrating with you but was thinking of you all day. Thanks for the message for Sierra’s graduation. She lloved her gift!!!
    Love you and see you soon!
    PS: I enjoyed your reports, Ross.

  3. Happy birthday Gerard! Sorry you didn’t get to the summit. Due to bad weather our June full moon kayak trip didn’t happen either. Safe travels!

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