Bilingual update on the June 5 West Buttress team!

Climber Jorge Decurgez called in an update on the Mountain Trip June 5 Denali West Buttress team, who are camped at 14,200′ waiting on better weather to move higher. The team has now spent upwards of five days at 14-Camp.

The low pressure is forecasted to continue, with snow falling all throughout today and into Sunday morning. It appears that the weather may clear on Sunday afternoon, but forecasts for big mountain zones like the Alaska Range are far less accurate than forecasts for anywhere in the lower 48.

The fixed lines up the Headwall, the steep pitch just out of 14-Camp, demands clear weather and good visibility, so that the climbers can focus on ascending the steep, exposed pitch efficiently. Additionally, weather at High Camp at 17,200′ is normally much worse than weather at 14,200′, as it is higher in elevation and less protected from the elements, so teams generally do not move up to High Camp unless they think that their window of good weather will last for several days.

Here’s Jorge!

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  1. Hang in there guys through all the snow here. You’ve got plenty of support being sent your way, we are all following along day by day. Thinking about you Dad and can’t wait to see you after you finish. Happy early Father’s Day. Love you!

  2. Querido HERMANO: Gracias por tus noticias. Te queremos muuuucho y te estamos acompañando en esta expedicion. Ciudate y disfruta cada momento!! Beso enorme Sil Guille y chicos!

  3. Vamos querida cabra carajo esperando el buen tiempo. Que bueno escucharte hoy tambien. Un fuerte abrazo de toda la banda descontrolada que te esperamos para los cuentos. Un gran abrazo y rezaremos para que el tiempo mejore asi pueden continuar mañana. Abrazo. Chris

  4. Jorge mi amor, te amo tanto tanto, que soy inmensamente feliz por vos, sabiendo que estás donde queres estar, cumpliendo uno de tus sueños. Te extrañamos muchísimo! Sos nuestro norte, nuestra fuente de energía, nuestro “glow in the dark”. Te extrañamos y nos haces mucha falta… si… pero sabemos que mereces cumplir todos tus sueños!!! Ojalá lo logres! Y si no se llega a la cima… me reconforta saber que sos una de esas pocas personas que realmente viven según el lema “enjoy the ride”, así que sea cual sea el resultado, sé que esta aventura habrá valido la pena. Te amo y te admiro! Sos mi héroe, mi compañero en la aventura de la vida. Me siento bendecida… te espero… te esperamos… la vida es tan linda cuando estás conmigo…

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