Denali May 26 Team – SUMMIT!!!

Rick Piette called in today, following the team’s push to the summit of Denali!

The team moved up to high camp at 17,200′ on Friday, trying to get ahead of a change in the weather that looked like it was building and due to arrive on Sunday.  They made the difficult decision to attempt the summit the day after arriving at high camp, rather than wait a day and rest, as we generally prefer to do.  In the team’s case, the weather that appeared to be building looked like it could deny them a summit bid, so they shouldered their packs on Saturday morning and took their time heading uphill, arriving on the top of North America at about 9 pm Saturday evening.

Everyone did great.  Summit day is long and difficult, but each climber did what was required of him and kept putting one foot in front of the other.  The took numerous breaks to hydrate and eat and finally arrive on the summit!


Here is Rick and Lloyd:


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