June 2nd Denali West Buttress Team Reports in from Camp 1

The Mountain Trip June 2nd Denali team got off to a bit of a slow start, with weather delays keeping them in Talkeetna waiting to fly for a couple of days, but they are on the move now.   A high pressure system has moved back over the Alaska Range, and they have taken advantage of the beautiful weather to move on up to Camp 1 and prepare for the move to Camp 2 tomorrow.   John called in to update us on their progress this evening and we expect to get regular updates from here on out.

Here’s the team:

Alex Straus

Curtis Fullmer

Saeed Kiam

Gilberto Thoen

John Oldring

Scott Buel

and guides:  Ian Nicholson, Travis Williams, and Brian Muller

Click the link below to listen to the audio dispatch from John at Camp 1 (7,800ft).


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