May 27 West Buttress Team waiting on a weather window at 14,200′

Mountain Trip guide Jesse Wright called in on behalf of the May 27 Denali West Buttress team, who have been weathering the storm at 14,200′ for just under a week now.

Climbing Denali often depends on the will of the mountain–not of the climbers–but the team also must keep their spirits high and stay in good health so that they can take a weather window at a moment’s notice when (and if) the storm shows signs of clearing.

If the chance presents itself, the team will rally and head up to High Camp at 17,200′ to make their summit push. Summitting Denali this year is much more difficult than on a typical year, as bad weather have help most teams in at least one camp for upwards of a week, and have prevented many from moving any higher than 14,200′. This year’s success rate has been less than 30 percent.

In the meantime, the team is keeping busy around camp, fortifying their snow walls and constantly digging out the new snow that has incessantly fallen over the past couple of days.

Think warm thoughts for the team!

Here’s Jesse:

It also sounds like lead guide Brian Muller called in another post for the team from 14-Camp. The team just wants to keep you all at home very updated. Here’s the slightly different perspective from Brian:

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  1. So glad to finally get another update. I had a feeling the weather was holding the team in place. I’m praying that the team stays safe and that the weather will be good for everyone to push forward to make the summit. Love dad and mom

  2. Thinking of you all from sunny Vermont! Hope the weather clears soon and you can push for the summit! Love the updates. Thanks!

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