June 2 West Buttress Expedition — Well-fed and caffeinated at 11,200′

Mountain Trip guide Karl Welter called in with an update for the June 2 Denali West Buttress Team, who have now spent four nights at their camp 11,200′, unable to move higher due to weather. Often, the clouds hover at around 11,000′, just above Kahiltna Pass, making for low visibility and generally during storms, a high amount of snow.

The team is hoping to see the weather begin to clear either today (6/11) or tomorrow to head up to their next camp at 14,200′ on the route. While the mountain often makes its own weather and conditions can be incredibly difficult to predict, the climbing forecast put out by the National Weather Service is calling for a high chance of more snow over the next couple of days, with the low pressure continuing to preside.

We hope that this is not the case, and that the team has some clear weather and potentially even blue skies to move camp. To follow along with the weather forecast, click here.

Denali’s sought-after summit has been particularly difficult to attain this year, with less than 30 percent of climbers making it to 20,320′ due to weather. But, the team has plenty of time, spirits are high, and hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Here’s Karl!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Karl! You’re sounding great. Sending your team positive energy for a weather break and successful summit! Love, Mom

  2. Mucha fuerza y ánimo para todo el equipo, ojalá el clima vaya mejorando, 🙂
    Pachi un abrazo gigante desde Santiago, enviando desde acá las mejores energías para que todo salga como esperan.
    Muchos éxitos!

  3. Hola Pachi, espero que las condiciones del clima ya hayan mejorado, les mando mucho🌞 Y muchas bendiciones. Por aqui en el extremo sur del globo todo muy bien, llovio en la semana, hoy hubo sol pero igual hicimos sopaipillas. Les mando un abrazo a cada uno y muchisismas muchísimas bendiciones.👼👼👼

  4. ¡Pachi, manda un audio!!!

    Ojalá el clima mejore, ¡que no les gane la nieve! ¡Ánimo para todo el equipo!


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