June 5 West Buttress team makes a snowy move to 11,200′

The June 5 West Buttress team put in a big day of climbing to move up from Camp One at 7,800′ to Camp Two at 11,200′, through deep fresh snow with heavy packs and sleds full of gear. Their day began at 2 a.m., and they traveled for about 8 hours uphill and breaking trail before reaching Camp Two.

Today, June 10, the team plans to do a back-carry to retrieve the gear and supplies that they cached at the top of Ski Hill at 10,500′.

Mountain Trip climber Jorge Decurgez called in a bilingual audio update as well, listen here:

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  1. Que bueno escucharte querido Jorgei. La proxima te cobramos un saludo para la banda que te extraña. Un abrazo grande y vamos carajo la cabra todavia!!!!!

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