May 29 Team Retrieves Cache

It was a relatively short, easy day for the May 29th Team. They descended approximately 500′ and retrieved their load of equipment and supplies from the cache. This system of caching/carrying/retrieving allows the team to systematically move the tremendous amount of equipment and supplies required for the expedition up the mountain. It also allows the team members time to acclimate.

At 14 Camp, climbers have a beautiful view of Mount Foraker, the second tallest peak in the Alaska range.


Gerard sounds in fine spirits and he sends a special hello to friends in Talkeetna. Here’s Gerard:


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  1. Hi Gerard, it was wonderful to hear your voice! I feel much better now! So glad you and the team are continuing to do well. Hope you have a good day climbing up to 16k. Thanks for the shout out to us. Lots of love still coming your way!

  2. Hey team! The photo is just breath taking.Glad your having this time to relax as tomorrow sounds like a tough day. It’s so clear from your photo’s, it must be something to be in the clouds with the mountains ahead. Good luck ~ Hope to hear Carly’s voice soon too..

  3. It’s great to hear your voice guys. Yay! Continue the great job. Sending you love and positivity from Cusco, Peru!

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