May 29 West Buttress Team — Resting at 14-Camp after caching high

Climber Ross Jobson called in an update on the May 29 West Buttress Team, who are waiting out the weather and wind at 14-Camp.

The team took at rest day at 14-Camp after a big day of carrying loads to cache up the ridge at around 16,500′. It’s likely that the team will take another rest day today, as the winds above 14,000′ have continued to worsen.

Unfortunately, we lose Ross just as the fun with the update is about to begin.

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  1. It was so disappointing to lose your report, Ross! You sounded very upbeat, though, despite the high winds above you. I hope that conditions improve for you all so that you can continue on tomorrow. Please let Gerard know that John had a clear PET scan this morning, so all is well with us. Take care and have a good rest day.

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