Denali June 23 Team – Lorne Calls in From 11,200′

Lorne Adrain called in with a nice and detailed post from the 11,200′ camp, sounding surprisingly alert and energetic, despite his report of having been awakened during the night by the guides.  A snowstorm came in during the wee hours of the Alaskan night time and the guides put out the call to the team to get up and start building snow walls, to protect their tents from the wind that was building.

Climbing Denali is a 24 hour a day process and sometimes, the weather does not respect your right to a good night sleep!  The team woke up and rallied to build snow walls, before diving back into their tents to get some shut eye.

Lorne has some very important wishes to send out, so please click on his post:


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