May 15 West Buttress Team — At High Camp

Climber Paul Kreiner called in an update for the Mountain Trip May 15 Denali West Buttress team, who has made it to High Camp at 17,200!

After a long storm that blanketed the Alaska Range in several feet of snow, accompanied by high winds, sub-zero temperatures and low visibility that prohibited teams from moving, the May 15 team was able to push up from 14,200′ to 17,200′ on the West Buttress. Essentially the entire time the team has been on the mountain so far, it has been storming, so the sunshine must be a welcome sight.

The guides and clients are discussing the weather and everyone’s well being and will decide whether or not they will make the push for the summit. We will update you once more information is called in from the team.

Here’s the update from Paul:

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  1. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! We have been praying the Lord of Hosts would show you His favor by allowing you a window to get up there!! Love you guys, Brian

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