May 15 West Buttress Team at 14-Camp

Mountain Trip climber Shaun Scott called in an update from 14-Camp, where the team is waiting for the winds to die down up high before moving up to High Camp and eventually, the summit of Denali.

He noted that the winds were so strong up high, that those camped at 14,200′ could hear the winds raging against rock and ice higher above them. The team will wait for a weather window to move up to High Camp, and after that, the summit of Denali at 20,320′.

To keep up with the weather forecast for 14-Camp and the rest of the Alaska Range, click here. It appears as if winds are abating, but the low pressure, snow and cold temperatures appear to be here to stay–at least for a few more days. Think warm thoughts for the team!

Here’s the audio update from Shaun, which unfortunately is cut short:

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  1. Hi Shaun,
    You are being prayed for day and night. I love and miss you and hope you will be able to summit – however if it is a danger, then I would come home and try again another time. It’s not worth the risk. Psalm 91 and 100 and 121 will reassure your heart in the Lord.
    I am still in awe at what you are doing. God love and bless you and may all your dreams come true!
    Love, in Christ

  2. Hey Shaun I hope you brought your Long Handles with you , sounds like you really need them! It looks like it pretty rough for you guys I pray for your safety. I wish I could be there with you people ‘I have been in a couple of adverse situations. At one time I would have loved to spend a couple of weeks at the weather station up on top of Mt. Washington. Good luck to all and God speed.

    Greg and Elaine

  3. Shawn, Eric, Paul, Marlies, and Carsten.. May God Himself undergird protect encourage support and keep you safe. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  4. Hello May 15 Team,
    I received an email from a friend asking if you have been affected by the Alaskan volcano eruption, but I see the ash is heading NW rather than in your direction. From the video you (Eric) posted to facebook (of Paul), it looks like beautiful skies and good weather. Hopefully now that the winds have abated, you can get moving to High Camp. I pray for 4 days of good weather so you can make the summit and conclude this trip with a victory celebration.

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