May 19 West Buttress Team in good spirits at 11,200′

Guide Adam Smith called in for the May 19 West Buttress team, rejoined by their second guide Ryan Gould at 11,200′ on the route.

Adam noted that Denali is showing its typical “stubborness,” barring most teams from heading any higher than 14-Camp due to high winds, low visibility and sub-zero temperatures. Although the team has been hunkered down at 11-Camp for several days now, they are still in high spirits and keeping their optimism while being unable to move up the route.

The team plans to push up to 14,200′ and set up a new camp once the weather permits, and to head for High Camp and the summit once high pressure and potentially even sunshine (hopefully) prevail once again over the Alaska Range. In the meantime, the team is staying happy, hydrated, healthy and focused on the summit that lies ahead.

It appears that winds on the mountain have abated today, and that scattered storms have dropped up to six inches of snow on the higher mountain. To follow along with the weather forecast for Denali and the Alaska Range, click here.

Here’s Adam:

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