Blasic Family Ecuador Team climbed Guagua Pichincha today!

Vanessa called in again this evening, this time from a climber’s hut situated at near 4500m on the flank of the peak they climbed today, the 15,700′ Guagua Pichincha.  The goal of the past two days has been to build as solid a platrom of acclimatization as possible, so that they will be well prepared for their attempt on the country’s third highest peak, Cayambe, tomorrow.

The team is doing great!  Everyone is healthy and happy and eager to start kicking steps in equatorial snow.  Their next three objectives are all heavily glaciated volcanoes.  Cayambe, at 18,997 feet will serve as a shake down climb before they attempt the second highest peak in Ecuador, Cotopaxi (19,348′) and then Chimborazo (20,703′).  All three peaks are serious endeavors, and will require the team to depart camp before midnight and climb using headlamps for hours until the sun dawns.

Here’s Vanessa!

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