May 11 Denali West Buttress Expedition still holding at 14-Camp

The Mountain Trip May 11 team called in their report, once again from 14-Camp, noting with a great sense of humor that they are “still alive.” They are now on their fourth rest day at camp, trying their best to keep their spirits high, stay healthy and entertained and keep warm in the midst of a fairly relentless storm.

They mentioned that last night temperatures dropped down to a frigid -35 degrees Celsius at night, accompanied by blowing snow and high winds.

Camp 4 (which for Mountain Trip teams, is generally Camp 3), also commonly known as 14-Camp, is a common place for climbers to be “stuck” during big storms.Conditions on the mountain right now make it not only dangerous, but also nearly impossible to move higher than 14,200′. Above Camp 4, the fixed lines and some of the most challenging and exposed sections of the route.

The weather outlook for the mountains seems to improve over the weekend, with the southwest flow finally showing signs of abating. It’s too early to be sure that the storm will give way to a high pressure system. Guides and climbers at the very least are staying well-fed, relatively warm and are keeping their sense of humor.

While it appears the snow will taper off by this Saturday, the winds are forecasted to steadily increase. To watch the weather on the mountain, click here.

Here’s the team with their optimistic update:

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  1. Hi Wilco and team,
    Your Naarden All Stars team supports you all. Respect to the team from all of us. Ofcourse we have followed you and your teams effort in reaching the top. We know you have to hold on now and wait for a window to try and reach the summit.
    We were wondering oif you took a football with you. IF yes, please don’t shoot the ball over the top or backwards down hill. As Raoul commented: “zelf halen!”, wich could get you into trouble.

    Hold on while waiting for the right window and good luck overthere!!!!
    The Naarden All Stars team

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