Aconcagua Team – Carried to Camp 2

Jared called in to report that, despite some inclement weather, the team made a carry (took roughly half their “stuff”) up to the site of Camp 2, at about 18,000′ today.  They secured their food, supplies and gear at an area known as Helicopter Camp before descending back down to Camp 1 to spend the night.

This is what climbers call “making a carry.”  By carrying food and supplies high, caching it at their next camp, and then returning to sleep at their lower, previous camp, they can both move the quantity of food they need up the mountain and also ease themselves into the altitude of the next camp.  Climbers call this process, “climb high and sleep low.” They will do this for their next camp at 20,000′ as well.

The weather looks good for the foreseeable future, so hopefully, the snow that they have been dealing with will not slow them down on the upper mountain.

Camp 2 on Aconcagua

Camp 2 on Aconcagua in good weather


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