Aconcagua Team – Dave Calls From BC

Dave Artusi called in an update from the Plaza de Mulas Base Camp, with some help from Belinda and Sam, which unfortunately got a bit garbled…  The camp is in a deep, narrow valley, and communication with the satellites is somewhat sporadic, but it is sure nice to hear familiar voices, even if we don’t get their entire message!

It has snowed about 16 inches in the past couple of days.  The team spent yesterday drying out their clothes and gear, and will launch up the mountain on Tuesday.  It takes about 4-5 hours to hike up to the site of their camp 1, which is located at about 16,400′.  They climb up through a narrow valley, which opens up as they get higher and eventually becomes a large bowl of sorts where it meets Aconcagua proper.  It will take them about a week to reach the summit, which is only about two vertical miles above Base camp!

Here is the crew:


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