Denali Team Zahid – Back Carries From 10K

Eli Potter called in another detailed post that was unfortunately cut off toward the end.  Satellite communication in mountainous areas is challenging, when those mountains are close to the Arctic Circle, it gets even tougher.  At Camp 2, there is a 1200′ (356 m) glaciated ridge that blocks the view to the south, where the satellites orbit the earth.

camp 2 on denaliCamp 2 is flanked on three sides by steep snow and ice.  The ridge to the south is in the background.

All the climbers are doing well, but they have, thus far, elected Eli to convey the daily updates.  The chuckles in the background as Eli shared that with us is evidence of the good humor and spirits of the team!

It has been cold!  Last night, temperatures dropped to -27C (-16F) at 11pm, just after the sun left camp.  During the night, it dropped even further.  That’s cold, even by Denali standards for this elevation!

Here’s Eli!

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