Everest 2017 – Phurba Serki Sherpa Checks In

Our Head Chef at Base Camp on Mount Everest, Purba Serki Sherpa called in a nice post that was unfortunately cut a bit short.  This is his 10th year working with Mountain Trip and we rely heavily on him and the rest of our indomitable Sherpa staff.  They work incredibly hard and are the backbone of virtually all Everest expeditions.

We cannot thank our staff enough!

The climbers will spend about a week down low, recuperating after having pushed their bodies at 7000 m.  If the weather permits, they are currently looking at May 18th as a possible summit day!

Here’s Serki!

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  1. Indomitable… work incredibly hard… are the backbone of virtually all Everest expeditions – these are certainly true and understated words to describe the Sherpa staff! It was a delight hearing the kind voice of the man behind our climbers’ happy stomachs. Dhanyabad

  2. That was so nice to hear. Thank you to you and all the staff. I don’t think the climbers will ever forget you.

  3. How good to hear a message from you. You and your staff have all bee so wonderful,
    thank you for all your hard work, and we will never forget any of you.

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