Dec 23 Aconcagua – Nestled in at Camp 2 at 18,000′

One of the Maalouf brothers called in a post from Camp 2 on Aconcagua.  I’m fairly certain that a special someone out there can help me identify which of the two brothers left the message, so please leave us a comment, identifying who it is!!

The team moved camp up to what is often called Helicopter Camp.  It is located on a small shelf, at the base of a permanent snowfield, at about 18,000′ (5500m).  They departed Camp 1 and climbed up and around the top of a large bowl before making a hard right turn to climb up and into the saddle between Aconcagua and Cerro Ameghino, the major peak to the east.  They are camped below a fairly steep hill that leads up to a “dead glacier,” one that is no longer growing in size, but rather slowly disappearing.  The glacier leads up toward yet another bowl, at the top of which is the site of their next camp.

If anyone can help identify which of the Maalouf brothers is on the audio post, we’ll send you an official Mountain Trip T-shirt!!!


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