Everest 2017 – Terry Calls In From Camp 2

Terry Kelleher called in a nice and detailed report from Camp 2 on Mount Everest, as the team took a rest day at Camp 2, following their push up to Camp 3 yesterday.  Everyone is in very good spirits and doing really great with the hard work of climbing at near and above 7000m.

Here’s Terry!

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  1. Hi Terry. Good to hear you are all well and enjoying these stages. Hope everything goes well for the next stages.
    Best wishes from the Dungeon gang in UCD.

  2. Thanks Terry for the great report. You sounded clear and happy, and doing well.
    We are all pulling for everyone on the team for good health, weather, and every
    other thing positive there is for you. Good luck, tell Chris his mom says hello.
    I hope the cough either gets better or goes away. Rest well. Sandy

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