Denali Team Zahid Carries to 10,000′

Eli Potter called in another nice, detailed report this evening, after the team had a tough day pushing the route up the Kahiltna Glacier, through deep snow, to deposit their supplies at an elevation of about 10,000 feet (3048 m).  There have not been too many climbers on the West Buttress thus far and it sounded like breaking and establishing the trail was tough going.  The temperatures have warmed a bit, as a snow storm began to move over the team today.

They are eager to move up to their next camp tomorrow, which will be located in a beautiful basin flanked by tall ice cliffs to the south, steep icy slopes interspersed with black rocky crags to the north and with huge views as the tundra stretches off to the horizon as they gaze to the west.  The route above will be immediately to their east, commencing with a 1000′ (3000 m) hill that rises directly out of camp, named Motorcycle Hill.

Here’s Eli!

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