Everest Team at Camp 2

Our Everest team is at Camp 2 again at around 21,400 ft near the base of the Lhotse Face.  They are on their second and final acclimatization trip up the mountain in preparation for the summit push coming in a couple of weeks.   They woke up early at base camp (1am) and climbed through the Khumbu Icefall in the dark, reaching Camp 1 just after dawn.  On this trip, they did not spend a night a Camp 1, but pushed on up to Camp 2 where they were met by the Camp 2 staff with lunches ready.   They did great, and everybody was climbing well!  The plan is to spend 4-5 nights at Camp 2 on this rotation, and climb up to Camp 3 (over 22,000 ft) in the next few days for some additional acclimatization before heading back down to base camp.

Here’s our lead guide, Jacob with a call and a special Happy Birthday message to his daughter who just turned 1!!


(it’s pretty garbled at times due to a spotty sat phone connections)

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  1. Terri Jentz

    Happy birthday, Eva! I’m so glad Chris is again climbing with your amazing daddy. So good to hear everyone is climbing and acclimatizing well. Wishing all teams en route to Camp 3 calmer winds and smooth, steady travels on the Lhotse Face.

  2. Sandra McGarry

    Again Jacob, thank you for the update, you do an outstanding job, too.
    !tell your daughter happy birthday from us. Everything sounds good
    and it’s a relief for all of us down here. Everyone just keep up the
    good work, sounds like you couldn’t have gotten a better team.
    Tell Jentz Geb says hello, and Terry, too – and, will, all of us.
    Love, Mom

  3. Jackie Clerkin

    Best of luck to all the team on your second rotation. We are thinking of you all and look forward to hearing the reports from the next few days. Happy birthday to little Eva . Terry K we miss you. Best of luck with the climb to Camp 3. Jackie , Rachael, Fearghal and Lorcan.

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