Everest Team at Camp 2 on first rotation

Our lead guide Jacob Schmitz called in a nice, detailed update from 21,400 feet (6523m), the site of their Camp 2, as they continue to acclimatize on the flank of Mount Everest.

The team is doing great!  Everyone is feeling good and excited to be on the mountain.  They are enjoying the views of the Lhotse face and neighboring Lhotse.  They will spend another full day at Camp 2 before dropping back down to Base Camp on the 23rd of April.  The plan is to spend a good week at Base Camp, resting and recovering after their trip up above 6000 meters.

Here’s Jacob!


We apologize for the delay in updating Jacob’s call from Camp 2.  We had a glitch in our system and were unable to edit his post for far too many hours.  Better living though technology, eh? 





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  1. Thank you for the update, your messages are highly appreciated. Sounds
    like everyone is doing pretty good. Good luck to all and tell Chris his
    mom says hello and is thinking about him. Thanks for everything,
    Sandy McGarry

  2. While sipping Sunday morning coffee from Chris’s Mountain Trip mug, I so enjoyed hearing Jacob’s upbeat words from 21,000 ft. Thanks Jacob! Sending much gratitude to the wonderful Nepalese support crew, without whom Camp 2 undoubtedly would not be called “deluxe”.

  3. Hey Chris and the rest of the team — you all are awesome. Thanks so much for letting us experience your trip from afar. You all look so relaxed and happy in the photos. I guess we don’t get to hear about the not-so-relaxing aspects of the trip until you get back 😉

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