Jan 14 Aconcagua Team Down from the Summit!

The team is back down to the relatively low altitude of 14,000 ft at the Plaza de Mulas base camp on Aconcagua today.  They had a big day yesterday with part of the team reaching the summit, and the rest reaching new personal high points.   They completed the traverse of the mountain, and descended into the Horcones Valley and the comforts of basecamp where they were greeted with food and drinks after a long couple of days.  They’ll enjoy the relative luxury of basecamp tonight and then head down the Horcones valley to the awaiting van that will bring them to the true luxury of a hotel room in Mendoza tomorrow night.

Congratulations to the whole team, I’m sure there are stories to tell when they get back!

Here’s Fischer checking in from base camp.


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  1. So HAPPY to hear the group was reunited and had a chance to celebrate their achievements! Whether you made it to ‘the’ summit, or your personal summit, you should be extremely proud. Words cannot begin to explain how proud we all are. Congratulations!!

  2. Guy Blodgett (Chad’s Cousin)

    Welcome back to all of you Climbers! I’m sure you are happy to be at the Base Camp!!
    You all should be very proud of yourselves, whether you made it to the Summt or not!
    I’m sure the hotel will feel luxurious after all that you have been through! Please everyone get home safely! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO TOOK PART!
    In your dreams, you all made it to the Summit !

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