Aconcagua Team – Kelly Calls From The Top!

Kelly Puzak called in from the summit of South America!

After a long day of climbing to just shy of 7000 meters of elevation, Kelly called in a very nice shout out from the top of Aconcagua.  Details about all the team members are not in as yet, but Kelly, Sam, Chad and Fermin all reached the summit together.  We’ll post an update about the remaining climbers as soon as we hear from them.

Great job Kelly and the rest of the team!!!

Here’s Kelly:

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  1. Awesome job you wonderful fabulous incredible summiteers❣❣❣❣we are so proud of you all. And you sound great Kelly❤All our love and light streaming your way today and until we meet again…Happy trails, safe travels, love mom and dad😍😍

  2. Kelly! So great to hear from you, and can’t wait to hear about the whole adventure! Between you and Trevor, we usually can’t tell who is a bigger badass, but you have the title this month. Wishing you and your team a safe descent and hugs from the White clan!

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