Today the team made a quick foray down to 13,200′ to retrieve their cached equipment. It sounds like everyone is happy to be at 14 Camp with all their kit.

Weather permitting, the plan is to carry a load of equipment and supplies up the steepest section of the route, departing camp and hiking up moderate snow slopes to the base of a feature often called The Headwall. The Headwall is about 600′ high and can vary from 40-50 degrees. Along its length, two ropes are affixed at semi-regular intervals to anchors buried deep in the icy surface. The climbers have mechanical ascenders tethered to their harnesses, which they clip into one of the ropes for security as they climb up this steep part of the route.


A Mountain Trip climber ascends the steep Headwall, which climbs from about 15,600′ to the crest of a ridge at 16,200′.

The Headwall tops out at about 16,200′ and most climbers cache just above the top of the fixed lines.

Here’s Adam with a special message from Perrine:


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