Dec. 23 Aconcagua – at Casa de Piedra

Joe Butler called in to report that the team made good time on the 8-mile hike to the site of their camp 2 on the approach to Base Camp.  The weather was warm throughout much of the day, but became quite windy just before they arrived at Casa de Piedra, their home for the evening.  Casa de Piedra is located just across the Vacas River from the Relinchos Valley, at about 10,000 feet.

About half the team slept out in the open last night, as the almost full moon rose over the steep walls to the east.  There were numerous sitings of foxes running around camp near dusk, so those who slept in tents might have been a bit more… restful.

Tomorrow, they will climb up the Relinchos Valley, and gain somewhat more than 3,000′ as they make their way to their Base Camp.  Plaza de Mulas is located at about 13,800′, and they will spend a full day resting and acclimatizing after making the ascent.


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