Aconcagua Team is At High Camp!!!

Kelly Puzak called in from High Camp!

The team packed up their tents and hiked about 2,000 feet up to a spot on the north ridge of Aconcagua, where they have established their high camp for the expedition.  They climbed up a steep pitch above their previous camp and then worked their way up gentler slopes for several hours.  The final climb up onto the ridge led them through a surreal landscape of purple colored rock towers that seem like they are out of an old Star Trek show (the James T. Kirk era).  The last towers immediately bordering their new camp are very light in color, giving this camp its name, White Rocks.

They will get to sleep early tonight because they will awaken in the dark to start their climb to the summit!  The forecast looks pretty good, with moderate winds at their backs in the morning.  Everyone is doing great and is excited to try to push to the top of South America tomorrow.

Here’s Kelly:

aconcagua summit day map

The route from High Camp on the north ridge up to the summit!

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  1. Nancy Myhre

    Thinking of you all and wishing you an amazing summit experience. So amazingly proud of all of you.

  2. Puzak

    If you think you can you will.
    Enjoy each step.
    Love you.

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