January Aconcagua Team Carried to 18,000′

aconcagua gussfeldt range


Fischer Hazen called in from Camp 1 at 16,400′ today, after the team carried a load of supplies up to the site of their next camp at 18,000′. They have been graced with some amazingly nice weather and Fischer commented that it is akin to being at the beach up camp today! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather holds for a few more days, as the team is looking at a summit day on the 29th or 30th.

Today’s hike climbed above Cam 1 in a long, rising traverse, before cutting sharply to the north to climb into the long saddle or “col” between Aconcagua and neighboring 20,000′ Cerro Ameghino.  The saddle is a long one, really more of a valley and gives name to our choice of route – The Ameghino Valley Route.

At the northern end of the valley, they climbed up onto another old, rapidly disappearing glacier for a short stretch before arriving into Camp 2.  Also known as “Chopper Camp” for the remains of a French Lama helicopter that crashed just above years ago, this camp has really nice views to the north, as well as a good view of the steep and forbidding Polish Glacier, which climbs from 19,000′ to darn near the summit of Aconcagua, almost 4,000′ above.

The team plans to take another rest and acclimatization day at Camp 1 before committing to the upper mountain on Wednesday.

Here is Fischer:

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  1. Ellen

    So glad the weather has been great for the hike. Sending positive vibes and good wishes your way. Bob, I am so proud of you, keep up the good work!



  2. Troy Wells

    Good to hear team is good keep climbing!!

  3. Nancy Myhre

    Thank you so much for sharing each day with all of us. I’m not sure you realize what it means to hear each of your voices. What a gift that we can enjoy this through your words. Enjoy every moment. Take it all in. Lots of love to all of you (and extra hugs to Chad).

  4. Suzanne Hazen

    So happy to hear your voice Fischer. Sending positive thoughts to all of you!

  5. nancy locke

    CHEERS!Go team go;glad you are having awesome weather.You are all an inspiration to us lowlanders.Climb on!Love to you & many blessings!Samantha,you rock girlfriend;hugs.

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