Aconcagua Team Acclimating at Base Camp

The Aconcagua team had a day off today to recover and acclimatize before heading up to Camp 1 tomorrow.  Base camp is pretty comfortable, with dining tents and a cook taking care of all of their meals.   They had a nice relaxing day playing cards and eating food.  These days are an important opportunity to recharge the batteries and get a good chance to acclimate before pushing on up the mountain.   Chad had the job of calling in tonight, and it sounds like they are all doing well and excited to move up the mountain tomorrow!

Here’s Chad with the expedition dispatch from Aconcagua base camp.


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  1. Very proud to climb with team and sam 5 peak traverse tallest peaks surrounding the the the city of Boulder Colorado. #lovelefelivesimple..#SAM. .#SUMMIT.

  2. So great to hear your voice, Chad. I can’t replay it enough times! I cry happy tears every time! I love you and am so proud of you. Sending love and support to the whole team.

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