Mount Vinson Team Carried a Load to High Camp Today

The team is doing great and they carried a load of food, fuel and a bit of gear up to high camp today.   It’s mostly a day to acclimatize to the higher altitudes, and then descend back to the “Low Camp” to sleep and recover.  They had a bit of light snow today, but overall  they are enjoying pretty nice Antarctic weather.  Today’s climb took them up the steepest and most sustained section of terrain for the route where there are ropes fixed for additional security for almost 3000 vertical feet.   Everyone is doing well, and it sounds like eating pretty luxuriously for a climbing expedition with cheese burgers and fries for dinner tonight.

They plan to take a day to rest and acclimatize tomorrow before moving on up to high camp and preparing for the summit.

Listen to todays call from the team:


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