Aconcagua Team – Rest Day at Camp 1

acocnagua above camp 1


Jack called in today’s post, although it is, unfortunately, largely unintelligible.  Camp 1 is in a valley that drains from a large bowl that separates Aconcagua from Cerro Ameghino, it’s 20,000′ neighbor.  Ameghino sits directly to the north of camp, and it’s towering height interferes with satellite connectivity.  Communication from the next camp, at 18,000′ and just north of Ameghino, should be much better.

The weather has continued to be cold and windy, with snow forecasted for today and tomorrow.  Camp 1 is a bit more sheltered than Camp 2, so I expect they are in no hurry to move up, given the heavy snow in the forecast.

Here’s Jack:

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  1. Great to hear your voice again. Dang all that wind for drowning it out. Good to know it’s only sweeping your voice away and you guys are dug into the mountain. I know Fermin is keeping you well fed and cheerful. We here in Fort Worth are almost as cold this weekend — down to 20 tonight, the coldest it has been in two years, of course the wind here is blowing 4 mph. You are just past the halfway mark, at least in time, now go for elevation. Hope those new down booties are keeping your feet warm in the tents. I love you, cp

  2. Dear Jack, you are usually so much more eloquent and expressive; maybe because you are not generally drowned out by wind(bags)?
    Walter and I wishing you much success and continued accomplishment!
    So proud to bask in your achievements. Victory dinner when you return, please. Just put it on your calendar.
    Stay warmish,
    Janice and Walter Knowles

  3. It’s always an adventure following you! I’m joining Don for a week in SAN Francisco. It’s rainy there but room service is great! Stay the course, no free falling and hurry back to Fort Worth to hang the angel on Diana’s Christmas tree. We can’t trust anyone else to climb that ladder! Hugs from Dallas! And I’ve upped my prayers for you. Your guardian angels need all the encouragement they can get.

    Melynda and Don

  4. Hi Jack!
    Stay on trek to the top… No fancy stuff, pace your oxygen and all, please. The office is taken care of but awaits your return! Press on to the highest, Boss!

  5. I have been keeping track via Carolyn. Can’t wait to hear of you adventure. The tree is waiting for the star..Safe home. Diana

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