Aconcagua Team Carried to Camp 1

Lorenz called in from the Plaza Argentina Base Camp at 4150m (13,600′) after the team carried loads to Camp 1 at right near 5000m (16,400′) earlier in the day.

The mountain presented very challenging conditions for the team.  It was very cold and they climbed into a fierce wind, making for a very tough day of climbing.  They encountered quite a bit of snow immediately below Camp 1 that added to the difficulties.  The forecast is for more wind and a significant looking snowstorm later in the week, so the guys have some work ahead of them.



They returned to the comfort of Plaza Argentina, where they can take shelter in a large dining tent and enjoy hot meals cooked by our friends at Base Camp.  They will rest tomorrow, giving their bodies some additional time to acclimatize and to relax after today’s hard work.

Here is Lorenz:

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