Our 1st Aconcagua Team Of The Season Is On The Move!

‘Tis the season!!  The season to climb the highest peak in South America!

Jack Strickland of Texas and Lorenz Scheiwiller from Switzerland are headed up the deep and impressive Vacas Valley in the company of our long-time guide Fermin Avila.  The team arrived in the tranquil and beautiful city of Mendoza a couple of days ago.  The airport was closed for remodeling, so both arrived overland, Lorenz from the south and Fermin picked up Jack in Santiago, Chile.

mendoza argentina aconcagua

Mendoza, Argentina is a lovely town, with many parks, lush trees and a fun, mellow atmosphere.


After securing their climbing permits from the local “Guardeparque” office of the Provincial Park of Aconcagua, they drove a few hours west to spend a night at a ski resort called Penitentes, close to the trailhead.  They hiked up the valley the following morning, covering about eight miles, arriving at the first camp of their three-day approach in the mid-afternoon, a flat area beneath a tall cliff known as Pampas de Leñas.  Dinner was cooked over an open fire in traditional Argentine style, which means a selection of meats, salad and dessert.  The guys sure earned it on this first day!

aconcagua approach vacas valley


Here is Lorenz with an update:

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