June 26 Team – SUMMIT!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the entire June 26th team!

They worked very hard to reach the top of North America today.  Listen as each climbers gives a shout out from what many consider the hardest of the Seven Summits!

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  1. Congrats Mands I am so proud of you!!! Another summit and dream come true. Well done to your Team and thank you to your Guides. Praying for a safe return down Denali. Can’t wait to see your photos. Lots of love from a very proud Mother, Noel

  2. So proud of you! Great job Daniel! Excited the weather cooperated. Can’t wait to hear some stories. Get home safe!

  3. WAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We couldn’t be more proud of you babe!! So great to hear your voice and to hear that you made it to the highest point in North America! You’re my hero! I love you so much!!!!!!!!!

  4. Daniel that is just amazing. What an accomplishment. Congrats, congrats. You are in a special select club. Way to go. Everest next??

  5. Congratulations, Daniel!!!!! We all breathed a sigh of relief! I bet it was incredible! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  6. Congratulations Zinzan. Mum and I are so proud of you and you should be really proud of yourself. A tremendous physical, mental, social and emotional achievement. I am only sorry I am not sharing it with you Zinzan. Well done and see you soon xx

  7. CONGRATS Mands?? what an amazing achievement!! We are all soooo proud if you. Congrats to the team too?

  8. Alhamdulillah ….. This is your Third of the Seven Summits. Four more to go? Masya Allah …. Words can not express how proud I am of you Zinzan …. Semoga Allah selalu menjagamu ya nak. Barokallohu fiik …

  9. Another goal achieved Mands. You always work so hard to achieve them you deserve the rewards. Come down safely and FaceTime asap as we are excited to hear from you. Thank you to your team for seeing you through this great experience. Love you Lau Ands Dayni Kat and Tel Boy❤️

  10. Congratulations my friend!!!! Again you have made me so proud – you are so determined and know what you want and go out and get it! Well done to you, my dear friend Amanda and your entire team. Take care on your way down. Lots and lots of love. Gail and Dougxxxxxxxx

  11. YEA!!!!! We knew you could doit Daniel, yourthe next energizer bunny in this family. Way to go, have a safe trip home we are so anxious to see you and hear all about your adventure. Love you, love you ,love you.. Glad your safe and sould so excited.

  12. Daniel, what an amazing experience and awesome accomplishment! I don’t know if “congrats” even covers it. 🙂

  13. CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL !!! We are so proud of you and your accomplishment!!! Can’t wait to hear of your adventure!!

    Much love,
    Mary and Bob

  14. Congratulations Daniel! What a great accomplishment and I am sure we will all hear the stories when you get back.

    Brian, Emily, and Nora Ruch

  15. Amanda!! Well done, never mind three cheers, more like three hundred cheers!!
    Great achievement and we look forward to seeing you next week. xx

    All at no32 and the book club crew

  16. DANIEL!! It is so great what you and your team have accomplished!! Praise God! You sound SO excited!
    Praying for safe travels as you return ! Bless you and your family. 🙂

  17. Such an amazing accomplishment, a memory that will be with you always. Can’t imagine the “lessons learned,” for you to share with your kids. Congratulations, Daniel. Safe travels home. Uncle Jim Guy

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