June 26th Denali Team Enjoys a day at 14k

The June 26th team enjoyed a beautiful acclimatization/rest day at the 14,200 ft camp on Denali today.  They hiked out to a spot called “The Edge of the World” where they can look down about 7,000 ft to the glacier below and get some amazing views of the Alaska Range.  They are getting some really valuable time to acclimatize now in preparation for moving up to high camp at over 17,000 ft and their push to the summit.


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  1. I’m sure the views are beautiful there! Take it all in and enjoy every second. I’m sure the views are even better from the summit! Can’t wait to hear that you made it to high camp and that you’ll be able to attempt the summit. I’m sure your beard looks like a true mountain man by now 🙂 Love you so much, Daniel. You are amazing!

  2. Hope you enjoying the good weather and have summit thoughts Zinzan. I bet its good to be out of the tent and the snow

    Dad xxx

  3. Hello Katrin,
    we are glad that you Vegan are enjoying the food cooked at 14200′. Hope it is not only snow balls. We are always happy to hear your voice

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