June 26 Team – Amanda Calls From 14 Camp

Amanda Birkett called from 14,200′ where the members of the June 26th Team are all enjoying spectacular weather, after their extended stay in a snowstorm at their previous camp.  Today, they reviewed skills that they will need to use as they move higher up the mountain.

The guides established a series of “fixed lines” by taking a climbing rope and anchoring it into the snow at intervals.  Above the 14 Camp, the team ill climb a steep face known as the Headwall.  This steep section of route is protected by about 600′ of fixed lines, to which the climbers affix themselves via mechanical rope clamps known as ascenders.  Ascenders will slide up the rope, but clamp down when weighted, ptotecting the climbers against a possible slip on the steep terrain.  Today, they reviewed how to efficiently pass anchor points and how to communicate in a uniform manner when climbing the lines.

Here is Amanda!

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  1. Awesome to hear your trip report this morning Mands, you sound strong and happy. Holding thumbs for good weather, enjoy the rest of your climb. Best of luck to your team who are supporting each other. Love you Mom

  2. Hey Mands, so nice to hear your voice. Wishing you and the team all the best.Doug and I have been following and checking all the time. Enjoy and hope the weather plays along. Be safe and stay strong.. Lots and lots of love Gail and Dougxxxxxx

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