Unfortunately the team dispatch is too garbled to understand, but we know that the team moved to 14 Camp yesterday and everyone is safe and sound.

Here is the mystery caller:


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  1. Wahoo! So happy to hear you made it up to your next camp! Praying for awesome weather for the rest of the trip! Love you, Daniel 🙂

  2. Hope the weather now clears for you Zinzan and see you safely up and down

    Climbed SkyPiloy yesterday

    Love Mum and Dad

  3. The Denley Family wishes safety and a successful summit to all . . .but most of all ,
    The crevasses are particularly dangerous now, ( I just read that). Yes, I am keeping up with you, ?since you are being very skilled and fulling your fire.
    So don’t put your – a – – In the crevasse .

    Much love,
    Mom and Dad.

  4. Daniel, Know you are getting closer and closer to your goal! Sending you lots of love and luck! Aunt Sandy

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