June 24 Denali team – Practicing skills at 14k

Mountain Trip guide Josh Garner called in with an update on the June 24 team, who is still holding at camp at 14,200′. Yesterday, the team did a back carry, which essentially means that they retrieved their cached supplies down below their camp, doing a little bit of backtracking on the West Buttress Route. They also spent some time reviewing the essential mountaineering skills that will promote their success during the ascent of the steep parts of the route to come (ie: self arrest, ascending/descending fixed lines, etc.).

Today, they hope to cache on the ridge at approximately 16,500′, burying additional supplies for their time at High Camp on the West Buttress, at 17,200′. The team is hoping that the weather clears in the next few days to allow them to push up to High Camp, and later, the summit.

We’re hoping for calm, sunny weather for the team as the move closer and closer to their goal of standing on the highest point in North America.

Here’s Josh with the update:

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