Team Jaahnavi Checks in From 14,200′

Jaahnavi called in a nice update from the big, relatively busy camp at 14,200′.  The team is resting today, allowing their bodies to better acclimatize to the thinner air of the upper mountain.  They will spend at least several more days at this camp, preparing themselves and acclimatizing.

The team is doing well, and they arrived at camp after a tough day of climbing in fairly deep snow.  Camp is busy with teams that have been stuck because of weather, so they have lots of company at the moment.  The weather has been really rough on the upper mountain, and a number of teams are turning back, as they are running out of food and fuel.  Team Jaahnavi is in a great position to wait for the weather to change for the better – which is almost always does, even on Denali!

Here is Jaahnavi:

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