June 26 Denali team to move camp to 14,200′

Climber Amanda Birkett* called in with an update on the Mountain Trip June 26 West Buttress Expedition, who will spend today moving even closer to their goal of the highest point in North America.

They spent their day resting at 11,200′ camp, practicing skills and going for a short hike on Squirrel Hill for some exercise. Here is the section of the West Buttress Route that the team has been following for the past several days:

14200 foot Camp 3 with Headwall and fixed lines in background

The team will be moving their camp up the route to 14,200′, Camp 3, sometime early this morning.

Here’s Amanda with the update:

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  1. Kirk, hope it is going OK for you and everyone. Time is passing quickly here – not sure about there. Love, Mom

  2. Hi Daniel, hope all is well. You missed a fun 4th of July reunion. And we are all missing you here. Thinking about you daily and praying for you nonstop. Come home soon!

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