Team Jaahnavi resting at 14,200′-Camp

Climber Jaahnavi on the June 22 Denali West Buttress Team called in with an update on their expedition and progress up the mountain, towards the highest point in North America.

Jaahnavi seems to be in high spirits and enjoying the mountain life up at camp at 14,200′, taking in the views over the Alaska Range and the numerous iconic peaks, like Mount Foraker and Mount Hunter. The team has now ascended

She said she has been eating well courtesy of her guides, Con, Fischer and Kristin; they even had cheesecake for desert last night. Proper hydration and nutrition on Denali, especially at 14,000’ and above

In the coming days, the team will be waiting for a clearing in the weather, which has been very snowy in the past few days, increasing the risk of avalanche, making travel more difficult and compromising visibility. A window of better, calmer weather, with little to no winds and clear skies, will be essential to move up to the High Camp on the West Buttress, at 17,200′.

The team has continued to practice essential mountaineering skills, like ascending and descending fixed lines, walking in crampons and using ice axes properly. These skills will be paramount to the team’s success and will improve Jaahnavi’s

Here’s the route that the team will follow from 14,000’ to High Camp, to give those back home an idea of the climbing they will face in the coming days:
14200 foot Camp 3 with Headwall and fixed lines in background

Here’s Jaahnavi!

Here’s Jaahnavi!

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  1. Hi Jaahnavi,

    This is your Dad, and really really am feeling very proud of you for the first time, which really made me to write openly, that in spite of all your difficulties and lot of problems, you are making your dream come true and hope with all the 3 Incredible Guides, Con, Kristin and Fischer, you will certainly make it to the Top and make our Country, The cause of yours “Girl Empowerment” and obviously your Dad’s Last Wish to complete all the 7 Summits.

    I am writing this with lot of emotions and happiness about your determination and certainly like to thank Todd of Mountain Trip for giving us excellent facilities on the Mountain.

    Dear Jaahnavi, God Bless you and you should be the inspiration to all the people around the World also, that Jaahnavi can do any impossible thing and reach the heights.

    “Adventure without risk is Disneyland”

    Your Nana (Father)

  2. Jaahnavi – that is an incredible accomplishment – your self belief, focus and determination is truly remarkable. Rest, recover and enjoy the beautiful mountain we wish you best success in your endeavours and for your climb. Pete, Acacia, Mike and the team at K7 Adventures Australia

  3. Hi Jaahnavi,
    Great going, Excellent, keep it up.
    When going goes tough, tough gets going.
    Proud of you. God bless.

  4. Hi Jaahnavi,
    I’m glad and thrilled to know that you’re ascending really well.
    Had a chance to talk to your dad some time back, he couldn’t hide his tears as he was talking to me. He’s really feeling elated and on top of the world at your progress. We are all proud of you!

    Jaahnavi, you have a wonderful team (Three Cheers to the three – Con, Kristin and Fischer) to guide you to Mt. Denali.

    We know its an arduous task to accomplish what you’ve set forth for yourselves (and you’re no Disney Princess), but your practice, your will power and your India will give you both courage and strength that can even move mountains.

    The world is yours and the peak will only bless you to glory.
    Just be focussed, keep smiling and…go conquer girl.

    More power to you,
    Pawan 🙂
    – Dhatri Advertising

  5. Dear Jaahnvai,

    I really do not have any second thought – I am very much confident that you can come across all the difficulties as you are a Brave Girl blessed by the Brave Parents. You know only Daring and dashing, focused and goal oriented. We are all eagerly waiting to receive you in a Grand way never in the history of any sportsmen the way they were received as such a challenging activity of Mountaineering is not been recognized as a Sportive Sport. I am sure the day is no longer that the Government will recognize all your efforts and reward you. We are always there with you from Valmiki Foundation ( as in our daily prayers all our children are adding you. I will make some felicitations and Pep talks in the USA with my contacts so that many young Children will get motivated by your speech.

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