June 24 Denali team to move camp to 14,200′

The Mountain Trip June 24 West Buttress Expedition on Denali called in with an update on their progress towards the summit of the Great One, the tallest mountain in North America.

Two days ago, the team laid their cache above Windy Corner at approximately 13,500′ to prepare for their move up to Camp 3 at 14,200′. Yesterday, the team took a rest and weather day at camp at 11,200′, waiting for clearer and calmer weather before moving up to their next camp.

The team reported that they are in good spirits, have plenty of coffee, but are disastrously, dangerously low on hot sauce. Let’s hope they can live without the heat during their time in the cold of the higher mountain above 14,000′.

The team wished those following from back home a Happy Fourth of July from the near-Arctic Circle! They’ll trade in the barbecues and fireworks for midnight sun and camp stove meals this holiday.

Here’s the team with the update:

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