June 26 Denali team camped at 11,200′

Climber Kirk Ridenour called in on behalf of the Mountain Trip June 26 West Buttress Expedition on Denali. The team plans lay their cache of extra food and fuel tomorrow at around 13,500′, at the top of Motorcycle Hill.

Here’s the route the team will follow to make their cache and when they continue on to Camp 3 at 14,200′:
Denali WB route 10K to 13.5K

The team enjoyed a hearty dinner of burritos and seems to all be in good health and good spirits. If the weather trend continues at 11,000′, they’ll likely move camp up to 14,200′ tomorrow.

Here’s Kirk with the update and a personal shout out, which unfortunately cuts out near the end. Unfortunately, satellite phone connection can be a little spotty from 11,200′ in the heart of the remote Alaska Range!

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  1. Hi Zinzan. We are following your progress and are real proud of you.
    Hope all is well and your having fun as well!

    Love mum and dad.

  2. Hi Kirk!! It was so nice to hear your voice! I can’t say you didn’t sound a little worn but I know your willpower and know you can achieve this!! Wishing your team luck to make it to the top!!

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