June 16 Denali team waiting for weather window at 14,200′

Mountain Trip guide Rob “Durny” Durnell called in with an update on the June 16 Denali West Buttress team, who are waiting for the winds to die down above them before moving up to High Camp at Camp 3 at 14,200′.

The team has already buried their cache of extra food, fuel and supplies at 16,800′ above Washburn’s Thumb and is waiting out the recent high winds that make moving up the steep route and fixed lines to High Camp dangerous and difficult. Unfortunately, the forecast for above 14,000′ on the mountain is predicting that the gale-force winds will continue throughout the weekend.

For now, Durny says the team’s schedule has consisted of sleep, cook, eat, sleep, repeat. Their hoping to move up to High Camp tomorrow, Saturday July 2, weather permitting, and will make a go for the summit andywhere between Sunday and Tuesday.

Here’s Durny with the update:

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  1. Good Morning!
    Hope all is going well and the snow is slowing down. We heard the latest trip report which we have been eagerly awaiting! Sounds very cold and windy where you are! Stay warm! We have been having day after day of cool sunny weather here in White Horse Beach. Do you have a good book to read? Do you have puzzles and games too?! It is very exciting for us to imagine that you are nearing the summit of Denali in the next few days. What an awesome experience for all of you. Take care — Brian and all of the Team. We are thinking of you!
    Love always,
    Grandma and Annemarie

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